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As Telli Yapı, we meet all the needs of the end user in the retail market as well as architecture and design professionals, under the leadership of the companies we have contracted with. We bring kitchen, bathroom, siding and flooring products from natural stone to ultra compact surfaces with guarantees of up to 25 years.

Cosentino products get their extraordinary strength from a minimum of 90% quartz in its structure. Its superior properties make it the ideal choice not only for your kitchen, but also for your bathroom, floors and wall coverings.

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SilestoneSilestone consists of more than 90% pure quartz. It has more than 80 colors and different surfaces. It is the ideal surface for interior decoration in both kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as other home applications.

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Coante produces quartz-based composite plates with the latest and innovative Breton technology. It can be used on all kinds of flooring, covering, exterior, kitchen and bathroom countertops, raised floors and stairs.


Belenco, which contains more than 90% quartz minerals, are very durable surfaces made of high quality quartz and polymers with high scratch and abrasion resistance.

cimstone logoÇimstone, which produces with Italian Breton technology; It produces durable surface coating material with superior properties suitable for different usage areas from counter and counter to floor and facade.

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Dekton is the new ultra compact surface of Cosentino. It is a technological material composed of porcelain, glass and quartz. It is a robust and versatile material for use in residential applications and large projects.

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Maestro Quartz tezgahlar, yüksek kaliteli cam ve doğal taş granüllerinin birleşimiyle üretilen bir kompozit malzemeden yapılmıştır. Bu malzeme, doğal taşın dayanıklılığına sahip olmakla birlikte, daha fazla renk seçeneği ve desen çeşitliliği sunar.

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Neolith has the largest porcelain plates in the world produced with high technology. It can be used on outdoor and indoor surfaces. It is fireproof and stain resistant.